Intex Technologies

Pankush manufacturing private limited company is an affiliate of Intex technologies company which is renowned of its electronics products internationally. Intex technologies established huge manufacturing plants in India & China. Now the company is extending its vision to be a leading manufacturing company of UPS and related electronics products for the benefit of the region and the all nation as well.



Vision & objectives of the company:


The company has a broad vision of becoming a leader in electronics manufacturing sector while satisfying customers through high quality product and service. In this project, The Company has established its vision, as becoming ‘a leading and pioneer UPS & related electronics products manufacturer’ in the country. This will be achieved through becoming a multifaceted company committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve this vision, it has been resolved upon a set of strategies. Executing these strategies translates directly into the ability to serve the company’s vision and objectives. The company’s visions are to be implemented through local and external partnership.


The company has the following objectives:


To manufacture and supply quality products to its customers

To contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation at large and to the industrial sector in particular.




The envisaged plant will produce INTEX UPSs with different features. The plant will use imported CKD &SKD components to the production process in a way it minimize cost while satisfying constraints such as capacity, quality/grade/, supply, value addition, transport and other logistic service challenges, delivery date of existing industries.




Product quality is the basic and most important marketing mix that affects the success of the product. Product quality has two dimensions, i.e. level and consistency. Level means the producer must first choose a quality level that will be acceptable in the target market and in a level that comply with the quality of competing products. Consistency refers to the consistent delivering of one’s established quality through strict quality control measure.

The project will have to fight its way with well-established suppliers to secure and expand its market shares and compete with producers of the same products. The principal competitors are imported products. It is expected that imports enjoy the characteristics of high or medium quality and high price as well.

The starting point of the project is to supply the market with assembled UPS products having a quality at least the same as imported ones used for the large size market but with fewer prices.   

The envisaged factory will also work on providing quality control top priority product and acquire modern machineries and safe guarded production process with a system of optimally combined machine operations. The quality will also be controlled involving qualified and trained technicians and technologists.

This would enable the project to achieve its aims through producing the leading quality UPSs that could compete with imported products.



Contact Details:

Pankush Manufacturing PLC

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