Intex Lan Cable

Intex UTP CAT6e LAN Cable Supports Higher Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Intex’s UTP LAN cable cat6e, when compared to UTP LAN cable cat6 and cat5, is the superior option in terms of performance, convenience of use, and compatibility with other devices. The wiring of the Intex UTP LAN cable features greater shielding, a thicker gauge wire, and more twists per inch, all of which contribute to a reduction in the likelihood of signal interference and crosstalk.

Achieving noise-free connection is not an issue with Intex LAN cable as it comes with a PVC Cross Separator between four twisted pairs that minimize noise by preventing signal interference to provide a noise-free and continuous UTP cable LAN connection. With its cross Flexi-core, the Intex UTP cat6e network cable is more robust and won’t bend or break. It is corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and uses a more long-lasting PVC material, making it suitable for use in either indoor or outdoor applications. It is an excellent choice for either professional or personal cable management, and it also has the potential to result in a performance boost that is easily observable.

In terms of performance, the Intex Cat6e cable provides a transmission frequency of 550 to 600 Mhz, which is twice as high as the frequency offered by the Cat6 cable (which is up to 500 Mhz). At a distance of one hundred meters, the Intex cat6e cables provide a maximum transmission speed of 10 gigabits per second. UTP LAN cat6e wire is an ideal option for use in homes, offices, and even data centers because of its increased maximum transmission rates, frequency, and capacity.

The long ethernet cable is wound into a rolling reel, hence you can move it without restriction, and saves both time and effort. The cable can be taken out of the box without getting caught on anything quite easily.

Product specification:

Shielding: U/UTP 
Length: 305 m
Conductor resistance (max.): 60 – 90Om / 305m
Insulation resistance (min.): 5000mOm km
Pair-to-Ground capacitance: < 330PF / 100m
Characteristic impedance: < 100Om (+/- 15)
Transport and storage temperature: 0 – 60 degrees
Operating temperature: -20 degrees to 70 degrees
Working Distance: 100 – 120 m


– Up to 550 Mhz data transmission rate. 
– Single Wire conductor stranding.

– Superior conductor for 23AWG solid bare copper wire.

– Thick copper layer for accelerated performance and dependability.

– Premium LAN wire in 4 twisted pairs with varying pitch and quiet cable lay-up.

– Secure and dependable polyethylene insulation.

– Exceed Category 6 FTP requirement.

– Easy pull box packaging.

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